No less significant was his expedition to Magan, a distant land whence diorite was brought in large quantities for the manufacture of statues and large vessels. Quickly he attacked the warlike peoples in Assyria and Syria, winning their allegiance. The empire united Akkadian (Assyrian and Babylonian) and Sumerian speakers under one rule. #ga-ad {display: none;} On the tide of his authority old Babylonian dates once soared to swindling heights; the undermining of his trustworthiness tended to make the very foundations swerve. ):-- "I sought for its old foundation-stone, and eighteen cubits deep, I dug into the ground, and the foundation-stone of Naram-Sin, the son of Sargon, which for 3200 years no king who had gone before me had seen, the Sun-god, the great lord of E-Babara, the temple of the seat of the goodness of his heart, let me see, even me." "true" : "false") + "; expires=" + d.toUTCString() + "; path=/"; Coordinates. ), though at the end of his reign there appears to have been a power struggle for the throne. in southern Mesopotamia (Sumer) is known as the Early Dynastic. It is Uruk, the Sumerian center which Lugalzaggisi raised to its highest glory, that succeeded in overthrowing the dynasty of Akkad after an existence of 197 years. The regions to the north and particularly those groups in the mountainous district of the upper section of the Tigris not only regained their independence as the dynasty of Akkad approached its close, but one of these groups, the Guti, took their revenge for the humiliation inflicted upon them by Sharganisharri and Naram-Sin by making an incursion into the Euphrates Valley. 2260-2223 B.C. The period from approximately 2900 to 2350 B.C. script.setAttribute("async", true); Dudu was a king of the city of Akkad who ruled for about 21 years.Dudu was a 21st-century BC king of Akkad, who reigned for 21 years according to the Sumerian king list, although he is poorly attested archaeologically.He is depicted as becoming king during the time of relative anarchy that had followed the death of Shar-Kali-Sharri.

Sargon of Akkad - 2334–2279 Rimuš - 2278–2270 Maništušu - 2269–2255 Naram-Sin - 2254–2218 Shar-Kali-Sharri - 2217–2193 Dudu of Akkad - 2189–2169 Shu-turul - 2168–2154 References Edit ↑ var d = new Date(); At its greatest extent, the empire reached as far as Anatolia in the north, inner Iran in the east, Arabia in the south, and the Mediterranean in the west. This was the first empire in Mesopotamia , and some consider it to be the first true empire in world history.The Akkadian Empire was established by Sargon of Akkad , arguably its most famous ruler, and dominated Mesopotamia from its capital, Akkad.The influence of the Akkadian … To ensure his supremacy, Sargon created the first conscripted army, a development related to the need to mobilize large numbers of laborers for irrigation and flood-control works. 56 seq. The inroads of the Gutians seem to have caused a fairly rapid collapse of Akkadian power during this period of instability, and it has even been suggested that one of the four named rivals for the throne, Ilulu, was himself a Gutian ruler.Dudu was succeeded by his son Shu-turul per the king list. Sargon was the world's first empire-builder, sending his troops as far as Egypt and Ethiopia.
Agnes Harris's 115-Great Grandfather. ), the dynasty's first king. His father had crossed arms with a strong mountainous group known as the Guti, and succeeded in capturing their king, Sharlak. No doubt he exaggerates when he declares that he faced an army of 90,000 men drawn up against him, and yet triumphal monuments of his reign, including one found far up in the north, not far from the source of the Tigris, leave no doubt of his far surpassing his father in military expeditions in all directions-against Elam in the east, against Subartu in the north, and the mountainous borders in the northeast, as well as against regions lying far to northwest and southwest. Sargon's rule introduced a new level of political organization that was characterized by an even more clear-cut separation between religious authority and secular authority. Poss. @media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px) and (max-device-width : 480px) { At this time quarrels between the cities caused the breakup of central control and Sumeria was the prey of invading Amorites from the west and Elamites from the East. Such, then, was the sad result of the conflict between Sumerians and Semites for control on the one hand and of the ambitious efforts on the other, inaugurated by Lugalzaggisi and continued by Sargon, Sharganisharri and Naram-Sin to pass beyond the natural confines of the Euphrates Valley.

The late Babylonian king Nabuna'id still held his ground as the central figure in Babylonian chronology, only that the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. The overthrow of so powerful a dynasty as that of Akkad must have affected the entire country; it was a signal for the older, once independent centers, to assert themselves. The succeeding period (ca. The terror aroused by this northern foe, sweeping down upon the cultivated cities of the plain from their mountain homes with all the violence of an elemental force, must have been extreme.
From his time the land of the two rivers was known to the ancients as Babylonia, in reference to the Sumerian city of Babylon from which Sargon established his empire.

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