media: (1) Short for mass media or news media, publishers or broadcasters bringing news and information to widespread audiences. See also reported speech. permalink: a URL that is intended to remain unchanged for many years into the future, providing a more permanent hyperlink that is less likely to suffer from link rot. leading article feedback: An unwanted noise created when the output of an audio speaker feeds back into a microphone in the same system and is amplified as this happens in an increasing loop, resulting in a high-pitched squeal. It describes the rises and falls in tone, pace and drama to keep the reader, viewer or listener interested to the end. back copy: A previous issue of a newspaper or magazine not now on newsstands or in news agents. Q & A: (1) A conversation or interview printed verbatim in question and answer form. widget: A piece of software that appears as an image or symbol on a website or computer screen to perform a single, specific function when pressed or clicked by a user. contact: A person a reporter will visit or telephone (i.e. See hard out. Someone who reports news using photographs is called a photojournalist. Also called a cutline. talent: A person who performs on-air or someone invited to be interviewed on radio or television. GIF and JPEG (JPG) both compress files to make them smaller to store and send. Rarely also contains the date of filing. on diary news: A news story scheduled in the newsroom diary for coverage. See also broken links. editorial cartoon: A cartoon which appears on the editorial page, commenting on a current controversy. embedding: (1) In journalism, to embed or place a reporter within an organisation (usually military) so he or she can report from within it. reporter: A journalist who gathers information - including researching and interviewing people - and writes news stories. narrowcasting: Transmission of information, entertainment etc to a limited audience often sharing a specific interest or locality. news break: In broadcasting, a scheduled or unplanned interruption in programming to present a short news bulletin, either previewing an upcoming news program or to give breaking news of an important event. unjustified: Text in columns where the individual lines to not all align to the same left or right margin. Occasionally also used to describe normal radio broadcasts which are free to listeners with conventional radio receivers. Users subscribe to feeds which the RSS reader on their computer or mobile device checks regularly for new material to download. A quick way to find what you're looking for on media law & ethics in Australia is through the OZ INDEX. a reviewer. Also called a web browser. A television report may use a social media platform to interact with viewers to enhance the story or gather and share more information. to defame search engine: computer software which enables a user to search for information on the Internet. cookie: A small file that is downloaded to a person’s computer when they visit a website, so the site can remember details about the computer for next time. index: In newspapers, a table of content, usually on the front page or page 2. influencer: Individuals who can influence the behaviour of large numbers of people through their posts on social media, even though they may have little or no presence outside it. Some will go in the intro, others into the body of the story. the writing and publishing of the news. In features and documentaries the intro may just lead the reader or listener into the story. op-ed page: The page in a newspaper opposite the editorial page, containing opinion columns, sometimes readers letters and other items expressing opinions. Called a jump in US. tailpiece or tail-piece: A surprising or humorous observation at the end of a story or bulletin, associated with the story or bulletin but standing apart from it because of its subject matter or tone. See also background above. freelance journalist (freelancer): Usually a reporter or editor not formally employed by any media organisation, instead working on projects under contract or paid individual amounts for work accepted for publication or broadcast. WAV files are usually not compressed and therefore retain quality, though they are therefore larger files than compressed digital audio formats such as MPEG/MP3. newsreader: (1) The person - often a professional journalist - who presents news bulletins on radio or television. direct marketing: Sending advertising material directly to potential customers either by post, fax, email or telephone, not using mass media. The material is played up in the style typical of yellow journalism. Also known as a rookie. typesetter: In the days before desktop publishing, the person who turned a journalist’s work into metal type for printing. A backgrounder is the story written. From Latin "cadit quaestio". run: To publish or broadcast a story. publication app (application): A software program or collection of programs used to undertake specific tasks with a computer or mobile device. home page: The main or central page of a website. See ABC, The Audit Bureau of Circulations above. (1) A television line-up with additional technical information for studio and control room staff. (3) A few words at the beginning of a caption to grab the reader's attention. desktop publishing point (DTP): The smallest unit of measuring fonts in desktop publishing, as opposed to the point measure used when printing. puff piece:  A news story or feature written to make the subject seem good. As well as current Web 2.0 tools and platforms, Web 3.0 is expected to include more artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things. See also intro. I'm writing a book, and if it's a success, then good-bye to journalism. See also lead (1). Compare with public broadcasting. Program idents give the program title and/or the presenter's name. Also called participatory journalism and networked journalism. Skype: A popular free Internet telephone and videoconferencing program. For example, having shares in a company could make a finance reporter say uncritically good things to boost that company. news value: The qualities or criteria that journalists use to assess whether an event, development or opinion is worthy of preparing and presenting as news. syndicate: (Verb) To simultaneously sell or otherwise provide a journalist or photographer's work to other newspapers, magazines or broadcasters who subscribe to that service. See also death-knock. Often used to name and describe the person speaking. multiplex:  A single digital television or digital radio signal comprising several distinct channels of programming. curtain raiser: Story written before a predicted event, setting the scene for when it happens. Used by a journalist, they often prompt strong reactions from interviewees but this can obscure useful discussions and prompt accusations of bias. News is produced in a structured way by journalists. the writing and publishing of the news. soft news: Stories about topics which are interesting and new but which have little or no material effect on people’s lives. Also used to describe unusual methods which actually do not look like advertising to the consumer. plagiarism: To use the work of another person as if it was one’s own, without attribution. Not to be confused with a news agency above. to subscribe to On most social networks, clicking a hashtag will reveal all the public and recently published messages that also contain that hashtag.

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