'Ghost' doesn't have that concern. Perhaps we'll go back to a sparser sound. For the rest, the beat varies from JBs to light metal, but the basic strategy doesn't. The dub vibes on B3 are great (as is Sting's bassline), though the track is nearly ruined by the lyrics, which belong to an unfortunate running theme of the album: Sting is now in full "I read about someone suffering in a third world country and now I want to do what I can to make a difference, and by that I mean I'm going to sing a bunch of songs about it" mode. "Andy Summers: The Washington Post, 1/82, "I'd written four or five of the songs on the new album on keyboards so in a sense that was an extra colour as well. (6 out of 10). But if there's to be a psychedelic revival, as predicted by those who seem to have run out of anything else to revive, then I suspect that it won't come in the obvious styles currently being touted by the new bands dressing up in paisley, velvet and Byrds haircuts. Demolition Man has some unbelievable rhythm section work from Sting and Copeland, though I have suspicions that some of the drumming was overdubbed. The cover art for Ghost in the Machine features an LED graphic that depicts the heads of the three band members each with a distinctive hair style (from left to right, Andy Summers, Sting with spiky hair, and Stewart Copeland with a fringe); the band was unable to decide on a photograph to use for the cover. Straight after this, The Police launch into a messy 'Hungry For You', with Sting's voice almost inaudible under a cacophony of extraneous material which I think is music. Great fun. 'One World Not Three' is dat old White Man's reggae and the next choice for a safe single. Then comes the musical centerpiece, 'One World (Not Three)'. Our last records were experiments in commercialism. If we haven't got it then, it starts to get lost. 'Ghost' doesn't have that concern. After our first three albums, we wanted to go as far away from the sound we'd already created. But it takes more than drive and swagger to plumb the bawdy soul of rock and roll, and 'Ghost' manipulates the slippery essence of the form's mystery and moods with easy energy. "A Visual Documentary, '81, "If one person reads "The Ghost In The Machine" because our album has the same title, then I think it's a good excuse to have called it that. [14] Pitchfork ranked Ghost in the Machine at number 86 on its 2002 list of the 100 best albums of the 1980s. Release view [combined information for all issues], Ghost in the Machine (Half-Speed Mastered Audiophile), Rolling Stone's 500 Worst Reviews of All Time (work in progress), Essential The Police/Sting collection +other Related projects. By the end of it the Police are no closer to a solution for the global malaise. If you would like to reproduce text from a MoMA publication or moma.org, please email [email protected]. 45 in VH1's 50 Greatest Album Covers. It was the first Police album to bear an English-language title. The album spawned several hits, such as the energetic "Spirits in the Material World" (notice how the central rhythms are played by synthesizer instead of guitar to mask the reggae connection) and a tribute to those living amid the turmoil and violence in Northern Ireland circa the early '80s, "Invisible Sun." Well, Lynn Hanna gave the game away last week, and the answer must come as a one hell of a shock to the Watsonian Behaviourists in the Police's audience. The Police's platform, a spin-off from Marshall McLuhan, Alvin Toffler, et al., is hardly news (sure, 'Ghost In The Machine' is a smart, track-it-down title but author Arthur Koestler hasn't been in vogue for quite a while), yet it's strongly stated, consistent and compelling. I think it's an attempt to portray Sting, Stewart and Andy as being the ghosts 'inside' a machine. It's as is their roles as self-anointed pop ambassadors have shown them the difficulty of healing gestures. They quietly admitted they'd been tired; took people aside and reckoned 'Zenyatta' had sounded fine but could have been better, should have been brighter; there were tours, interruptions... And we said, well 'Don't Stand So Close' was great and 'De Doo, da dum...' or whatever, and thanks for the meal but maybe next time we could go to a different restaurant. Those who prefer the less conceptual side of Sting's writing will enjoy 'Every little Thing She Does' and 'Hungry for You'. Album cover for The Police, Ghost in the Machine. If you would like to publish text from MoMA’s archival materials, please fill out this permission form and send to [email protected]. Sort of a continuation of Zenyatta Mondatta, but with a couple of peeks into the future. Even when they briefly return (via a song for which Stewart Copeland wrote the music) to the punky-trash vein which they mined before the Big Skank hit them, 'Rehumanise Yourself' - the album's second-best track, as it happens - is till weighed down by too much paraphernalia. This record is a work in progress. The music to all this is as sophisticated and as direct as the lyrics. To support the weight of their current subject-matter, The Police have come up with A New Sound: they've ditched the sharp, cool interlocking fragments of texture and rhythm with which they pioneered New Wave in America and created a sonic blancmange involving hundreds of guitar-synthed, effects-ridden Andy Summers overdubs, a lot of saxophones and several harmonising Stings. The current single is here of course, with their last smash 'Invisible Sun' plus we think there's a few more likely hits including 'Hubgry For You', which Monsieur Sting sings in French! Complacency about using synthesisers and horns. And it's not their fault, they're being used. The most obvious sound addition is saxophone, smartly tooted by Sting and invariably arranged a barking backline. It's all good humanistic stuff and if rock bands are going to push their favourite philosophers I'd rather take a reggae-ish pop band promoting Arthur Koestler over a pomp(ous)-HM group pimping for Ayn Rand any day of the decade.

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