In their later "fun" test, though, the truck pretty much vaporized milliseconds after the explosion, suggesting that a cement truck is no match for 850 pounds of ANFO. Watch in slow motion what happens when the MythBusters test whether a snowplow, hit head-on, will split a vehicle in two. Like custom made stuff? Witness the opening scene of the MythBusters Reunion, featuring all of the Fab Five gathered to look back on the show for the first time ever. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. With Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron. As for the mythbusting, Jamie: "This has got nothing to do with the myth. Mythbusters did just that, and in the process, delivered one of the most incredible explosions ever seen on TV. The second variation is that a full load of cement hardens inside of the truck, and is similarly removed. 01:17. It quickly becomes apparent that Jamie is beating Adam -- his bars are pitting while Adam's are not. The value of this car just dropped significantly. See what happens when 5,001 pounds of ANFO meets a cement truck. It was about an 1/2 inch wide patch with Jamie and Adam standing next to each other drawn like cartoon characters. How far away should we have been? And to see two semi trucks in a head-on collision that close, it was just—all this energy, all this power, and as soon as they hit, they just exploded and all that energy tore the trucks apart. Cleaning cement from a cement truck with dynamite. The MythBusters conduct a test to see if mercury fulminate is as explosive as depicted on Breaking Bad. I agree to receive information from Discovery Communications in accordance with the following. Jamie and Adam reveal their opinions on which film -- Star Wars or The Matrix -- has the more groundbreaking special effects. The use of electrolysis via a direct current source in conjunction with the salsa accelerated the effect, as it draws the electrons out of the bars and into the wires. Sometimes we would get results that vastly exceeded what our research said we should get, and other times we would get nothing at all. We used 800 pounds of ANFO, which is a fertilizer/diesel fuel mix. ): Luxury Car Drop. The build team built a faux cellblock wall with several windows, each holding 5 different metal bars: CRAZIEST MYTH FROM THE NEW SEASON: Airplane Boarding. CRAZIEST MYTH FROM THE NEW SEASON: Rocket Surfer. kole scholey | Randy | In the insurance claim, the guy said that he'd only been going 25 mph. MOST INTENSE BUILD: Bifurcated Boat, Season 5. I just could not deal, so I had to walk away from it. And then we made a mega parachute. MythBusters. So we ended up towing the boat on land, and we then had to anchor this giant pylon in the middle of the runway at Alameda. Grant Imahara explains to Kari Byron why the MythBusters won't take on the viral video in which a series of cell phones cause popcorn to pop. CRAZIEST BOOM: Cement Truck Explosion, Season 3. It was probably one of the worst days I've ever had building something on location. The drill immediately flew off the motor, which ended that attempt. (23 Feb 2005). It's warm!". We discussed doing it out over water, but in the end, we thought it was best to put Buster up to the task. I didn't know that earwax came in so many colors! Son of a Gun was a myth that during the Civil War, a musket ball went through a guy's testicles and into a gal's womb and impregnated her. During the MythBusters Reunion, Adam tells a story about a colorful MythBusters extra who helped out during the Jimmy Hoffa episode and who just may have a darker past. The electricity did a pretty good job of scorching the salsa. They messed up during the setup and accidentally overloaded the truck and left it half full of cement (aka "a floor"), but Adam didn't mind because it would allow them to try and bust both myths simultaneously. Reserved. Watch More Full Episodes from These Networks. People were like "What if it explodes, or catches on fire and you die?" For the appearance of safety, they made a 1 mile exclusion zone around truck because of high velocity frag steel shooting off, though the photographer is stationed on a hill just above the truck, because he is apparently expendable. We found out later on that the reason that the doctor had removed all the earwax from people's ears was because it was infected. * stainless This is TERRIFYING!”, Master remixer melodysheep turns his talents to making our MythBusters masterfully sing about science. The result: Original myth plausible! However, the radio provides DC current. Copyright (c) 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. Posted by: Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Whilst the myth is busted for a truck filled to the brim with solid cement, for a truck with a normal coating the myth is confirmed. We used 800 pounds of ANFO, which is a fertilizer/diesel fuel mix. The cleanup was disgusting. Adam and Jamie classified the myth as busted, noting that although the cement redirected most of the shock wave of the blast, it did not protect the truck or bystanders from destruction or injury. Being able to coordinate having the helicopter dropping a car, and having a remote control car racing to meet it, was one of the craziest things we've ever pulled off. So we decided to test this one out—but we couldn't do it on water because of all the environmental restrictions. They also test to see if a massive amount of high ... View production, box office, & company info. Jamie offers an unorthodox strategy to a viewer preparing for a first date, then provides advice on how to train a destructive pup. When tempers flare during a particularly complicated myth, Jamie offers up a simple solution. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Kari, Grant, Tory and Adam discuss. But no more. It's not often we do something that's so dangerous. We attempt to build a parachute made only out of materials you can find in a hotel room. We've done a lot of big explosions, but for me, the craziest explosion was Creamer Cannon.

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