Their most defining power is Planeswalking, which allows users to move across the Multiverse’s infinite realms. I think her first ability is great, and if you play a deck with small cheap creatures she can make quick work of many opponents. Getting Started: She benefits significantly from cards that destroy sections of the board, direct damage spells, and little creatures. Her ability to exile enchantments can come in very useful in games of Commander, where some enchantments can make games incredibly one-sided and very often are pretty difficult to remove – and her ultimate is an unconditional tutor, which in Commander is a very powerful tool. Two mana for three loyalty is a good deal, making this one of Magic's cheapest planeswalkers. Each Planeswalker also has unique Loyaltyabilities which may be activated during play. Answer: Hard to say since many abilities depend on the field state. The rest seem like a step below. The following is a guide to the range of materials... We are the longest running Magic: The Gathering retailer in the UK, trading since 1998. Medium, Card Reliant, Fairly Strong Abilities, Flexible. -2 handles threats, making a player sacrifice a creature, and ultimate -6 lets you divide all an opponent's permanents (including lands) into two piles; they sacrifice a pile of their choice. Medium, Card Reliant, Medium Abilities, Flexible. 18. visiting Planeswalkers. Relies on old mechanics. Her ultimate is what’s really impressive. She doesn’t only see play in these archetypes, though – her effectiveness versus control decks through hand disruption makes her playable in a lot of matchups, so Grixis decks have also adopted her in some cases, and she is a powerful engine in mono-black decks such as 8-rack. Medium, Card Reliant, Strong Abilities, Creature Driven. Question: In Magic: The Gathering, wouldn't Jace, Mind Sculptor's -12 cause an opponent to run out of cards in their deck and therefore lose the game? Three loyalty is fair considering Domri's low mana cost, and his passive ability gives your creatures +1/+0, an excellent boost in aggro Gruul decks. IMO, Ugin is a vanity planeswalker. I’m never gonna stop clowning on Oko. Serra enters with respectable four loyalty, and the first thing you probably want her to do is use -3, creating a 4/4 angel with flying and vigilance. With his latest card, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, Wizards have managed to find the perfect balance between mana cost, power and efficiency, and created a new planeswalker that has kicked up a storm in Standard. I'm assuming that you're planning on throwing in thematically complementary cards into their decks (albeit many Tier 1s don't need you to be all that choosy). Community Question: Do you agree or disagree with the list? This alone would have made it a powerful card, but its abilities are also incredible, which is why it ranks in the top 3 of this list. Slow, Card Reliant, Fairly Strong Abilities, Creature Driven. The two of them have a complicated past, and despite herself she couldn’t turn him away when he needed her; but she can see the opportunity in travelling from plane to plane with the others, as it may help her further her own plans. As long as they’re not exiled, your creatures are now immortal. Planeswalker Attributes. Medium, Card Reliant, Medium Abilities, Creature Driven. Tier 3 are good planeswalkers, but rely heavily on the right deck setup. Potentially game-ending if you can pull it off. Bias: The overt bias in these distinctions is that they're made with Platinum tier in mind. Since the very first printing of the “Lorwyn Five”, Planeswalkers have been among the most powerful cards in Magic. Answer: Remember, Karn costs more mana than almost any other planeswalker, a drawback that slightly hinders his still-formidable abilities. Those are both good, but try your best to amass loyalty for -8, which gives an emblem that counters each opponent's first spell every turn! It was the premier control finisher during its time in Standard, and now it’s rotated, it has moved into Modern where it sees play alongside Karn in the Tron decks. Medium, Card Reliant, Medium Abilities, Creature Driven. Thanks for putting this together! Nicol Bolas can inflict 7 damage while forcing your opponent to discard and sacrifice permanents. If you’re familiar with Magic’s lore, you’ll know exactly who this is. Their abilities don't rely heavily on a certain block, nor do they rely on particular cards to get started. His first and probably only iteration was in the bonus draft set Conspiracy, as a nod to the comics and to the events that were occurring in Paliano at the time. It's had a strong negative impact on the F2P community, and I can't imagine how much I'd resent their mistakes if I had sunk money into my account. Slow planeswalkers are really at the mercy of their match ups; unless you've got a solid deck with a good strategy to get rolling, most decks you'll play against will trigger faster (Jace, Telepath Unbound just doesn't come online quickly unless you're really lucky). Sorin is, of course, the face of vampire tribal. Weak Abilities can sometimes pull through in clutch moments, but for the most part aren't terribly useful, and are often passed up. Getting Started: Look for dragons and cards that combo with dragons. A lot of your deck categorization is spot on, and even where someone might disagree with the actual rankings, the deck details will serve to be very helpful. Memnarch turned it into Mirrodin, and during the events of original Mirrodin block, Karn wrested back control.

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