Most homes for sale in Raleigh stay on the market for 40 days and receive 4 offers. In case you’re wondering, the cost of living average for all cities and states across America is 100. The most common language spoken in Raleigh is English. Best Neighborhoods to Live in Raleigh. Residents of states farther to the south often flock there in the summer months for cooler temperatures, and in fall, for the colorful foliage. With so many people in this demographic, Raleigh presents many opportunities for single professionals to enjoy themselves, socialize, and to create lasting relationships. It’s less than two hours from Raleigh and about 30 minutes from Fayetteville. Check out this guide to Raleigh, North Carolina's most popular neighborhoods. This equates to an annual income of $147,500 for a family of four. Follow Our Renovations at 15 E Martin St - Lisa So... Top 10 Most Expensive Condos | Town Homes in Raleigh, Downtown Raleigh - Urban Living Trend Flourishes, Things to Do in Downtown Raleigh in April 2013, Downtown Raleigh Map, Attractions, Entertainment, Transportation & Living. Learn about five popular neighborhoods in Raleigh, North Carolina. One thing that you will notice when you are out and about town is that there is a large population of people who are young, single, educated, and upwardly-mobile career starters out at restaurants, listening to live music, and enjoying other activities. Raleigh is a popular destination for single career-starters. Raleigh is a large city located in the state of North Carolina. Downtown Raleigh Map, Attractions, Entertainment, Transportation & Living. The landscape around Raleigh reflects this: wide streets, parking lots, plenty of highways, malls, and shopping centers are what you'll find. And that my friend, is more 0s than most of us will see in our bank account for a long, long time — if we ever get that lucky. Overall, Raleigh is a city of professionals, sales and office workers, and managers. So, if you like to drive, Raleigh is the city for you! In order to rank the best neighborhoods in Raleigh, we had to determine what criteria defines a "best". One important feature of Raleigh is that it is one of the most car-oriented large cities in the country. So, if you like to drive, Raleigh is the city for you! For example, Silicon Valley has large numbers of people who telecommute. Other important languages spoken here include Spanish and African languages. Many of the homes in the Six Forks area are between three and five bedrooms and built between 1970 and 1990. 5 Great Neighborhoods in Raleigh. One important feature of Raleigh is that it is one of the most car-oriented large cities in the country. This makes Raleigh a good place to live for young professionals. With a population of 469,298 people and 100 constituent neighborhoods, Raleigh is the second largest community in North Carolina. Lisa Southern Real Estate and Southern Group Property Management Located in Downtown Raleigh, NC. Raleigh also has a sizeable Hispanic population (people of Hispanic origin can be of any race). Follow Our Renovations at 15 E Martin St - Lisa Southern Real Estate & Property Management, Citrix Employees Seek Urban Housing Options in Downtown Raleigh, Historic Glenwood Brooklyn Neighborhood in Raleigh, NC, Mordecai Neighborhood - Downtown Raleigh Historic Homes for Sale, New Homes Blount Street Commons in Downtown Raleigh. COVID-19 LATEST: New NC mask mandate starts Wednesday, Plans for Cannon Hinnant memorial to be announced, COVID-19 travel restrictions in all 50 states you should know, 2nd $1,200 stimulus payment should happen soon, Public could get access to COVID-19 vaccine by summer, NC doctor says, 'Excruciating:' UNC doctor describes treating COVID-19 patients in ICU, How to Cook a Turkey: Recipes from Butterball, How to cook Thanksgiving dinner sides, desserts, Lawrence BBQ giving away food ahead of Thanksgiving, Meghan Markle reveals 'unbearable grief' of suffering miscarriage, 1 killed in rollover crash in Cumberland County.

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