Melting Points. The melting points of alkanes depend not only upon the size and shape of the molecules, but also on the arrangement (i.e. Compared to alkanes and alkenes, alkynes have a slightly higher boiling point. Ethane has a boiling point of -88.6 ?C, while Ethene is -103.7 ?C and Ethyne has a higher boiling point of -84.0 ?C. Trans- isomers tend to be more symmetrical and more likely to resemble a straight chain. Alkanes are ligher than water. However, as the cis isomers of alkenes generally have lower melting points to that of trans isomers, these properties can be useful for discerning between alkenes. In the compounds above, there are no functional groups present, so the effect of symmetry is the only factor to consider. Melting points of alkenes depends on the packaging of the molecules. Acidity. The higher the melting point, the more stable is the crystal structure relative to the liquid state. However, cis-isomer molecules have a lower melting point than trans- isomers as the molecules are packed in a U-bending shape. The acidity of terminal alkynes compared to alkenes and alkanes are stronger. They are soluble in non-polar solvents like ether, benzene etc. Alkenes can have isomers because of their physical structure. That is, the more carbons, the higher the temperature. of carbon because melting point is a symmetry dependent property. The Alkenes generally contain double bonds … the packing) of the molecules in the crystal lattice. Melting point of alkanes with even number of carbon atoms is higher than that of next alkane with odd no. For boiling point, this is a direct result of increased intermolecular (van der … Their density increases With increases in no. Alkenes have similar melting points to that of alkanes, however, in cis isomers molecules are package in a U-bending shape, therefore, will display a lower melting points to that of the trans isomers. Inspection of the graph shows there is a direct relationship between the number of carbons in an alkane and its melting/boiling point temperature. The graph above plots the melting point temperatures of the first 32 alkanes as squares. of carbon atoms. Although most alkanes are liquids or gases at room temperature and have relatively low melting points, their melting points nevertheless illustrate trends that are observed in the melting points of other types of organic compounds. Since isomeric alkenes have striking boiling points to natural alkenes, they are often difficult to differentiate by their boiling points. Melting Point of Alkanes Similar to the boiling points, the melting points of alkanes also increase with the increase in their molecular mass, but there is no regular variation in melting point. The melting and boiling point trends come down to polarity and symmetry. The boiling point temperatures are diamonds. Boiling Points.

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