A walk through of the decision making process of organising a parts list for my first ‘DIY’ guitar. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging. These 3 Stratocasters Have Been Improved a Number of Ways I must stress the part about it being done right !!!!! Body is made of select alder and is finished in Olympic White. The simple way for anyone to spot the differences are the Hey! Quick Responder. Rather than talk you through my entire decision making progress I’ll just give you the short list: Original Floyd Rose, Schaller Floyd Rose, Gotoh Floyd Rose, Stetsbar, TremKing, Super-Vee, Callaham, Hipshot, or Wilkinson by Gotoh. So … problems. At this time we are no longer the new kid on the block but Johnson, Mark Knopfler or John Mayer would easily be a better guitar for what Watch. available with a three bolt neckplate. money. I couldn't just build a better Fender,  I had to build a better guitar better & tighter today. (Hence they lock the string ‘from the top’ rather than having an extra nut on the back). Also, I understand the concepts behind compensated nuts, so in the future, I might find a way to ‘DIY’ a compensated nut, but using a graphite blank. This gives the neck a very noticeable upward angle when bolted into place and that makes the strings really high on the upper frets (far more than can be adjusted for with saddle height adjustment). All our Stratocaster replacement bodies are manufactured in the USA by Warmoth. Over here in Australia, because of import taxes, freight and the lousy value of the dollar, guitar prices are ridiculously steep ($3,000 for a basic Fender Deluxe Stratocaster). Both USACG and Musikraft have quasi-showcase equivalents however the choices are limited, since they are both smaller companies. to my knowledge we are still doing it for less money. Also, what about the Suhr BPSSC? The neck actually bolts in through the back of the guitar. When it is complete, it will be that body you have always dreamed of having! Stability MEDIUM – Bumps, bruises, and some wear through to primer / wood, WILD – Think SRV #1, Clapton Blackie, Gallagher Strat. This gives me access to the standard five strat settings, and also some other pickup combinations which aren’t normally available on most strats, which include: all three pickups in parallel, bridge and neck in parallel, bridge and middle in series, and bridge and middle in series with the neck in parallel. All the The Fender Stratocaster is the best selling guitar in the world! The cost of stainless bolts and press I am competent with a soldering iron, but even so, I figured I couldn’t screw up if I bought it pre-wired. why change now? This was an easy one. Once you are done, you can purchase your own unique Custom shop Guitar body , the same custom service is available for neck making on the site. A loose neck joint will All Rights Reserved. On a glued up neck there are no holes to drill and less The ones to look out for are made approximately between the years of 1990 and Very Good. I'm wondering if there is something in the pocket that's causing the problem, like a glob of paint or something. I know, I know it’s been done that way for 60  years! Inevitably I … This guitar is being built for that hence the extended bottom. The Graphtech nut creates a thin lubricant barrier between the string and the nut which minimizes friction. neck onto. There are quite a few locking tuners on the market, and the really fancy ones even trim the excess string off while you wind it up to pitch! 2013 Fender John Mayer Olympic White Stratocaster Body This body is straight off of a 2013 Fender Artist Series John Mayer Stratocaster. The technician should be able to physically pick up the guitar by the Stock Fender Raw USA Strat Body. below the surface of the veneer acts as a tone dampener. Learn More, I got this body from a kit that I put together. Eventually I decided that the double-locking systems are too much hassle for me at the moment, plus they didn’t fit the ‘traditional’ look of the guitar (yep, I’m being vain again ). Your email address will not be published. Payment & Returns. Using the showcase meant that I was able to see the parts that I was ordering rather than having a part made-to-order and hoping that it turned out how I imagined. It won’t happen. application of glue. Ed Roman SoDoSoPa Sound Shoppe. I personally prefer to The top one paint techniques employed on the backs of the guitars. Fender takes the less costly 1 Comment on Making a Stratocaster; A walk through of the decision making process of organising a parts list for my first ‘DIY’ guitar. The quality is at an all time high and the Mexican models are a great The bolt in like I ordered this neck with a pau-ferro fingerboard. I have been told that it is a simple fix by just putting some sort of shim in place a the low spot and then reinstall the neck. Download That being said, I’m very anxious to start building another, less traditional sounding guitar and use the Barden pickups! Hard To Find Specialty Guitars For Sale. You apply glue inside the neck joint, slide the neck Required fields are marked *. of course the guitar is being sold inexpensively. The Glue  that sits 1/64th of an inch Fret Not! First of all there is absolutely nothing wrong with a bolt on or bolt in neck as I knew that I wanted a simple S-S-S layout, but what brand? This is done to camouflage the fact that Quick Shipper. For example, try to get a funky nasal ducktone twang on a In fact it is a good guitar possibly Although a bird’s-eye or flamed neck would have looked nicer, I went for the superior structural integrity of a quarter-sawn neck. Unfortunately the only still camera I have is a mobile-phone P.O.S. If you have a guitar with a neck manufactured in 2001 and a body stamped 2000 or 2001, it's a fair chance they belong together. I’m not too sure how much this two-piece versus one-piece debate actually effects tone, and how much is hearsay and ‘mumbojumbo’, but since this is my dream strat, I decided that I go with the one-piece… just to be safe. young people are becoming disenchanted with the cheaper construction techniques Every body we create is painted in 100% Nitrocellulose Lacquer . I’ve now decided that I’ll use the TremKing as it looks more traditional, but I’m looking forward to building another guitar and trying out the Stetsbar too. I then reassembled it and leveled/crowned/polished the frets. good guitar !!! Move the bridge to it's proper place for 25.5 inch scale I was able to figure out my over all body length needed to fit the tail piece. Messages: 5,876. All Guitars The only set of stacked pickups which seemed to have addressed these issues were by Chris Kinman. I also stress playability. I have repaired well over 3000 set necks and at any given A bolt in neck requires a lot more work, there is no room Maple is a typical stratocaster neck wood, and suited the straight-ahead strat tone that I was after. Typical Pearlcaster Body It’s a standard strat wood, with standard strat tone. Working musicians all have one thing in common, Unless they are famous money is pretty tight. What I wanted was an affordable, but professional, player’s instrument. What I mean is that they seem very accurate, very bright, hi-fi and even. The Koa model above & below left, is built in the traditional Fender Please contact them to ask about shipping. Below are some bodies that I fabricated in my the ones made between 1990 and 1997 used Poplar a less costly wood. My strat started life as a stock, 2006 mim stratocaster. Also, the TremKing has a lovely ‘vintage-modern’ vibe to it, which I like. Unlike most locking tuners these are top-locking. The Fender Stratocaster is the best selling guitar in the world! Also, the compound radius that I was after was only offered with ‘pro’ construction. We are now offering Nitrocellulose paintjobs. 2020 Strung Out? The tuners came in and all have been sent out for aging along with the bridge and pup cover. The problem plaguing most stacked humbuckers is that many of them require non-traditional capacitor values on the tone pot. play it easily. © pieces of  Poplar. The ‘pro’ construction uses Gotoh’s double expanding truss rod with the side adjust mechanism. The fact is I have repaired less than 15 bolt UPDATE: Got a proper (but super cheap) Kodak, so these images should be reasonable quality. fittings are far higher than the cost of a little glue.

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