@danjeffery77_jr run @TalkTalk Your service is really bad my WiFi is not working since yesterday and I am trying to contact but no customer care is available yesterday or today morning . Also many sites like @HDFCBank_Cares suddenly stops working on @TMobile #Homeinternet. @Rebecca21_R Try aga…. I'm in the CH15 area. as packages. You need to get the username and password from your ISP. Services Reference #: 36122005 Can i just say thankyou for being on the ball and very supportive. No internet again! @TalkTalk My parents don't have twitter, their internet has not worked for six weeks now. @PLDTHome Our wifi was down since November 9, 2020. Outside I was alright. @PLDTHome @PLDT_Cares Seems like internet is back up. Our @PLDTHome and @PLDTEnterprise are both runing at 10-15MBPS. Note 10, but it is international. The T-Mobile network here on the other hand, does have VoLTE when I’m on it, and works great. And now this PLDT is not replying to my tweets, messenger chats or calls... Nice customer service @PLDT_Cares @pldt @PLDTHome @iamMVP @DtiPhilippines @NTCPH, @PLDTHome What now? Any reason? However there has been little usage recently. It's not just you. @LiberalMaintenc Much faster than spectrum in this area. I have a certificate of posting. Tried to call 171, automated reply stated that technician has been dispatched. We have been trying to reach out for SIX DAYS!! Why???? I am so excited to leave @TMobile. What may seem to be a network problem connecting to the Internet is sometimes simply a website (or whatever server is on the other end of the connection) being temporarily offline. @hossicle Are there local issues? It has been over a week now. #TMobileTuesdaysSucks, @MikeSievert @TMobile access the T-Mobile network which they said was stronger. No wonder your the worst in the UK, @zippy30 Thanks again. @EllaTasm Same problem @danjeffery77_jr sent you! Can you please fix your internet issue? @PLDT_Cares I'm at my boiling point now, this is the second ticket and still no service Ticket 36288962 @PLDT_Cares @PLDTEnt_Cares @PLDTHome @iamMVP PLEASE PLEASE. #CustomerService #what, @Treacle1975 Now where's that team??? @TalkTalk Hi, I'm trying to get a replacement sim delivered but live chat is offline, @aminakiwi11 @PLDT_Cares @PLDTHome Is there a technical issue today? % of people told us that this article helped them. PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi is having issues. In a week or two the problem should be fixed for once and for all, but as older routers are upgraded or replaced we will see more Internet blockages and slowdowns. @PLDTHome @PLDT_Cares. Cisco also warned its customers in May that this BGP problem was coming and that, in particular, a number of routers and networking products would be affected. Ok @TalkTalk why is my internet gone to pants and keeps dropping every 2mins. Get answers. Our @PLDTHome and @PLDTEnterprise are both runing at 10-15MBPS. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. I can’t log into my account to see if there is an issue.. @TalkTalk Hi , the issue comes in every Sunday at midnight . @TMobile Is there a cellular outage? Is it down? PLEASE HONOR YOUR PROMISE. Please advise so we could make the adjustments. SCREW YOU! Thanks! Fix this crap! I am satisfied and glad to see that you cared about your customers ?? 7 days without internet, still no resolution trying to talk to a advisor on the phone or on live chat is impossible, there’s me thinking we lived in the 21st century and a world of technology @TalkTalk, @Sally36337032 ... speeds vary heavily depending on ur area and can be anything from double to half ur 4g connection not mention heat and battery issues reported with new iPhones Ticket#36148280 Acct#0235509784 @QueenieChrystal of Are you down again? @TalkTalk Fix the issue with my internet too whilst you’re at it. @MerylVixenburgh ? @Cai_Legaspi @PLDTHome Same here, QC area. You can also select to forget your network and try accessing it all over again. Relax. @attyforjustice 3-6 BDs?!? Almost a week of no internet, no cable is an absolute distress. Don't have time for this #failure now! 1 month for installing internet and now I know that there's no slot after my agent lied and told there is a slot for me. @TMobile Is there a cellular outage? I reckon might have been an outage earlier today. Internet connectivity issues again. We Reported more than 10x and still no update yet. @TMobileHelp No thanks. This article has been viewed 645,624 times. infrastructure @disney617 I've never had any problems with them either! BULLSHIT!! @PLDT_Cares. Same price. Do you have an ongoing system issue? @TMobile Your game in the app is not working. Mawawalan dial tone, internet will slowwww down. a weekly occurrence but I give up contacting you as it’s always such hard work. The result was that these routers could no longer properly handle Internet traffic. ... Splunk to acquire cloud network observability provider Flowmill. @TalkTalk Issue is still happening, have messaged directly but not had any response. No internet, No cable, no landline for 5 days now with NO technician to repair? Please help! Whats going on? PLEASE TAKE ACTION. Last time we spoke with someone via your hotline, they told us someone would contact us w/in 24 hours. While an ISP maintenance activity may have played a factor, the real problem was that Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing tables have grown too large for some top-level Internet routers to handle. Here's why. Thanks! How do I help my connection speed with my Xbox one? You then log onto your router and run the setup wizard and follow the onscreen instructions. I need to speak to someone somehow ASAP. these I’m a hard working father of 5 kids and a new phone is not really in, @MikeSievert @TMobile I’ve been a sprint customer for years and my service always worked great. @beech_nick I set the DNS in the router to default (TalkTalk) but it still didn't work. @TalkTalk my internet speeds have been shocking for a couple a few days. PLEASE TAKE ACTION. It's been 2 weeks since the typhoon and I still have no internet. Downdetector® is among the federally registered trademarks of Ookla® and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. in @PLDTHome I reported a problem regarding our WiFi last Nov22 thru 171, I even followed up yesterday and this morning, still no feedback and no repair ticket number is being sent to me. revenue I have hours of recordings of @TMobilehelp not giving a $<"(. We just want to activate our internet connection again after the cables were repaired yesterday. That the problem you dont have coordination and that why you are asking detailsnwhonever is on duty. I was already working when I suddenly got disconnected. Tmobile didn't help when I bought a product. The guy today said he would not leave until it was fixed. 2 days now of no cell service in the area. Cannot even log in in my account via mobile app. . However, two weeks have already passed and NONE from your team went to visit or to repair the line. Outage I don’t know about in SE Michigan? I sti have data but I don't have internet access. I know the issue is in this area because when I went to Lansing yesterday my phone had 5g out there. After trying a wired connection, it … I'm getting "service not available, try again later". @TalkTalk Internet ist really slow in YO23 since this morning, any issues? @shandybet Kindly send the following information via DM so we can check: Please tell all of us affected exactly what is going on. If @MikeSievert @TMobile The transfer from Sprint to TMobile was highly upsetting. @Cody_Sanford @TMobile No you don't. @PLDTHome NO REPAIR, NO DIAL TONE, INTERMITTENT AND VERY SLOW INTERNET, PAID BEFORE DUE DATE! No connection for 6 days now!! Will give it 10 minutes and then consider switching company to a different carrier. @TMobileHelp Aloha, I set up a new iPhone that was supposed to be for my wife and it looks like it transferred my number to the new phone. @Mike_Katz @TMobile I did send info last week. @PLDT_Cares @PLDTHome THE PROBLEM IS THE LINE NOT THE SPEED OF THE INTERNET. Do you have an ongoing system issue? @PLDTHome I badly Needed the assistance for this concern. Did yall take over Sprint’s customers or their service quality? This is a talktalk slander zone fr.

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