Perseus Project, "Loose Canons: The Development of the Old Testament (Part 2)", "St. Jerome: Patron Saint of Librarians | Luther College Library and Information Services", Jimmy Akin, "Is the Vulgate the Catholic Church’s Official Bible?" For other uses, see, 4th and 5th-century Catholic priest, theologian, and saint, Latin Church, also known as the 'Western Church', the largest, Megan Hale Williams, The Monk and the Book: Jerome and the Making of Christian Scholarship, (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2006), In the Eastern Orthodox Church he is known as, "(...) die griechische Bibelübersetzung, die einem innerjüdischen Bedürfnis entsprang (...) [von den] Rabbinen zuerst gerühmt (...) Später jedoch, als manche ungenaue Übertragung des hebräischen Textes in der Septuaginta und Übersetzungsfehler die Grundlage für hellenistische Irrlehren abgaben, lehte man die Septuaginta ab." Modern scholarship, however, has sometimes cast doubts on the actual quality of Jerome's Hebrew knowledge. Bishop Paulinus rushed to ordain him as priest, but the monk would only accept it on the condition that he would never be forced to carry out priestly functions. Soon afterward, he went to Constantinople to pursue a study of Scripture under Gregory Nazianzen. Amply provided for by Paula with the means of livelihood and for increasing his collection of books, Jerome led a life of incessant activity in literary production. Against Porphyry, Jerome identified Rome as the fourth kingdom of chapters two and seven, but his view of chapters eight and 11 was more complex. Jerome was given duties in Rome, and he undertook a revision of the Latin Bible based on the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. As one historian put it, "He detested most of the Romans and did not apologize for detesting them." The whole country between the Alps and the Pyrenees, between the Rhine and the Ocean, has been laid waste by hordes of Quadi, Vandals, Sarmatians, Alans, Gepids, Herules, Saxons, Burgundians, Allemanni, and—alas! Over a period of fifteen years at the request of Pope Damasus, he made a translation from the Hebrew into Latin that eventually superseded the preceding Latin translations and became known as the Vulgate. Jerome was born in Venice, the son of Angelo Emiliani (popularly called Miani) and Eleonore Mauroceni.His father died when he was a teenager and Gerolamo ran away at the age of 15 to join the army. Soon after the death of his patron Pope Damasus I on 10 December 384, Jerome was forced to leave his position at Rome after an inquiry was brought up by the Roman clergy into allegations that he had an improper relationship with the widow Paula. From the late Middle Ages, depictions of Jerome in a wider setting became popular. 52, Ad Nepotianum de vita clericorum et monachorum, a sort of epitome of pastoral theology from the ascetic standpoint; Ep. [43], In his Commentary on Daniel, he noted, "Let us not follow the opinion of some commentators and suppose him to be either the Devil or some demon, but rather, one of the human race, in whom Satan will wholly take up his residence in bodily form. [57] He is commemorated on 30 September with a memorial. In his quest for accuracy, he consulted Jewish rabbis and others. Once more he defended the ordinary practices of piety and his own ascetic ethics in 406 against the Gallic presbyter Vigilantius, who opposed the cultus of martyrs and relics, the vow of poverty, and clerical celibacy. He is either shown in his study, surrounded by books and the equipment of a scholar, or in a rocky desert, or in a setting that combines both themes, with him studying a book under the shelter of a rock-face or cave mouth. He later founded orphanages at Brescia, Bergamo, and Como, as well as a hospital at Verona and a home for repentant prostitutes. "[40] To Jerome, the power restraining this mystery of iniquity was the Roman Empire, but as it fell this restraining force was removed. Jerome devoted his life to helping others, especially children, and therefore is known as the patron saint of abandoned children and orphans. He realized, however, that stripped of his army and weapons he was helpless. Original commentaries on the Old Testament. The young Jerome was educated by Aelius Donatus, who was a famous Roman grammarian. Cause of Death: Natural causes; Who or what is Saint Jerome the patron saint of? [6], The protégé of Pope Damasus I who died in December of 384, Jerome was known for his teachings on Christian moral life, especially to those living in cosmopolitan centers such as Rome. In the 16th century Saint Jerome in his study by Pieter Coecke van Aelst and workshop, the saint is depicted with a skull. But instead of discovering the sensuous pleasures of the empire, Jerome found himself drawn to the ascetics he met along the way, including those in Trier (now in southwest Germany) and Aquileia, Italy, where he joined a group of elite ascetics. Although initially skeptical of Christianity, he eventually converted. He is best known for his translation of most of the Bible into Latin (the translation that became known as the Vulgate) and his commentaries on the Gospels.His list of writings is extensive. In the rule, Jerome puts down as the principal work of the community the care of orphans, poor, and sick, and demands that dwellings, food and clothing shall bear the mark of religious poverty. St. Josephine Bakhita (1947), Virgin, Religious, St. John of Matha (1213), Priest, Founder of the Trinitarians, Let Christ Reign Through Your Experiences, Understanding And Overcoming Scrupulosity – Part I Of II, God Has Truly Filled Our Lives With Meaning & Purpose.

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