Special Elite Sacramento Click on this message to dismiss it. ESL Quiz - Gerund or Infinitive (Elek Mathe) I-TESL-J. Annie Use Your Telescope Test your knowledge of gerunds and infinitives. Arial Thanks again. Witty questions, pitched at just the right level for my regulars. 9 22 a) to read a) learn b) reading b) learning c) to reads c) to learning 2. Free exercises to learn English online. Neucha Boogaloo Advanced exercise 29 of 30. Gerund as subject of a sentence; Gerund as subject complement; Gerund as direct object; Gerund as the object of a preposition; Expressions + gerund; Perfect Gerund; Passive Gerund Test on Infinitive and Gerund. Exo 2 We are going to go __ (snowboard) this weekend. We use cookies to improve the smooth running of our website. I bought your quiz pack when you only had 1000 questions and was pretty pleased with the product. My friend really enjoys … books and 9. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button. The price is more than reasonable for so many good questions. Gail expects __ (graduate) from Spring next term. 3 After some verbs.. Please consider using another browser. Just Me Again Down Here You may read our privacy policy to inform yourself as to how we use cookies. Fredericka the Great Anyway, I have since bought your second quiz pack too. Gerunds and Infinitives Advanced Level MCQs Test With Answers 2. Love Ya Like A Sister PayPal is free for consumers and works seamlessly with your existing credit card and checking account. Adobe Acrobat™ PDF format requires the free plugin from Adobe.com in order to view. Gerunds and Infinitives Advanced Level MCQs Test With Answers 3. G2: Verbs V Infinitives & Gerunds. Lower intermediate Intermediate - exercises Upper intermediate Home. My classmate, Anna, actually likes __ (do) homework! Hassan plans __ (go) to a university in California next year. Gerund & Infinitives & Participle Quiz D. Choose the correct answer. © 2014 Spring International Language Center. Yes of course you can, we have a free question and answer sample pack. by Tom Rohrbach. For example, 100 geography answers would follow 100 geography questions, all numbered in the same way. 16 You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz. A rather easy quiz on gerunds and infinitives. Amatic SC Multiple Choice Quiz . Marcus learned __ (play) the guitar when he was in elementary school. Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to Gerunds, Infinitives and Participles. ", Kieran Donaghy, 28 Gerunds and Infinitives Tests category includes free online quizzes on gerunds and infinitives tests consisting of multiple choice questions with answers. Pacifico fun. Close. South Park, Simpsons). After submitting your answers, you will see how well you have done in the test. * Even though our prices are in British Pounds, you can pay in any currency you wish, without extra charges incurred. Aldrich YOU CAN REVIEW PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OF Gerund Infinitive Multiple Choice Test Pdf And How To Score An Ap Government Test Multiple Choice HERE. Many thanks. G2: Verbs V Infinitives & Gerunds. Choose one correct answer for each blank.. For some sentences, BOTH the infinitive and gerund are correct. 20 Luckiest Guy My wife wants __ (eat) at an Italian restaurant tonight. Crafty Girls Types of exercise: Multiple Choice , Fill in the word , Select from Drop Down . Homer decides to have it removed in a surgery. Gerund & Infinitives & Participle Quiz D. Choose the correct answer. This is one of the quizzes from The Internet TESL Journal's 'Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students'. Live worksheets > English > … enough sleep is very important for 10. Are you tired of using dull, unimaginative, straightforward questions in your trivia and pub quiz competitions? 60 Mr. Davis quit __ (smoke) when his first child was born two years ago. Check my answers Prior to buying your product we managed to half-fill the pub, now the pub is packed week after week, all regular players. Now I check back and see that I can download the updated pack with 1700 of the critters! Bangers This improves his IQ by 50. 18 Levels of Difficulty: Elementary Intermediate Advanced That is why when you order one of our quiz packs, you may choose from the following file formats when downloading (you can even download the quiz pack in all formats if you so wish): No problem, simply send us an email and we will try our best to convert our quiz pack to your preferred file format. A rather easy quiz on gerunds and infinitives. gerund are correct. So, for just £47.00, you can get your hands on our four gold-standard trivia quiz packs plus receive a bonus 10,000 trivia Questions and Answers on-the-house! Orbitron The owner of the building supply store doesn't mind _____ his … Test your knowledge on Infinitive and Gerund. 10) Homer: "... to the library can be fun!". Jolly Lodger I decided __ (come) to Colorado because three of my friends came here before me and liked it. We use the gerund (-ing)1 When the verb is the subject of a sentence.. Reading on tablets and phones isn’t very good for your eyes. Your payment is secure (via Clickbank's secure server) and we do not store or share your personal information. I have searched for years to find decent questions for my weekly pub quiz and finally I have found quiz questions that not only meet the level of my quiz players, but also entertain them and bring them back for more ... and there's so many to choose from. 169   Geography Questions 187   Sport Questions 141   Science & Medicine Questions 143   History Questions 174   Music & Lyrics Questions 245   General Knowledge Questions 146   TV, Cinema & Radio Questions 121   Animals, Plants & Botany Questions  108   Arts Questions 90   Words & Language Questions 60   Food & Drink Questions 50   Mythology & Astrology Questions  49   Literature Questions 21   Maritime Questions 24   Aviation & Space Travel Questions Total = over 1,700 Questions (with Answers of course), 283   General Knowledge Questions 176   Sport Questions 165   TV & Film Questions 182   Food & Drink Questions 167   Geography Questions 162   Music Questions 146   Language & Literature Questions 155   Science & Nature Questions 142   History Questions 90   Entertainment Questions 65   Letters & Numbers Questions 28   Christmas Questions 21   Missing Link Questions 90   Tougher & Small Themes Questions + Beatles, Bible, Football Questions Total = over 1,900 Questions (with Answers of course), 200  General Knowledge Questions 200  Music Questions 200  Geography Questions 200  History Questions 200  TV & Film Questions 160  Food & Drink Questions 155  Sport Questions 150  Art, Literature & Culture Questions 145  Science, Technology & Nature Questions 107  People Quiz Questions 100  Words & Language Questions 61  Clothes & Fashion Questions 61  Numbers Quiz Questions 59  Seasonal Themed Quiz Questions 52  Mythology, Beliefs & Ideas Questions 45  Boats, Seas, Oceans and Waterways Questions   Total = over 2,000 Questions (with Answers of course), 280   Art, Literature, Movies & TV Questions 233   Geography Questions 200   General Knowledge Questions 175   Food & Drink Questions 158   Sport & Games Questions 167   Music Questions 130   Language Questions 125   Science, Technology & Nature Questions 171   History Questions 110   Human Body Questions 52   Multiple Choice Questions 60   Law & Order Questions 65   Albums Questions  21   Tough True or False Questions 20   Fuel & Energy Questions + 9 Further Categories of Questions Total = over 2,100 Questions (with Answers of course).

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