Everything was calm. Takes us longer than normal to find the house because it’s way back off the road and no lights are on. But like the smell of old people who have died up there. ", indigo-10’s comment from discussion "What’s your best TRUE spooky story? As it wasn’t uncommon for us to sleep here, we had installed a bolt on the inside of the door. Always. I then ask dispatch what the alarm activation was. I admit it was fun at first but now I just want him to call me by my real name which is Joshua. It had been sold by the government and bought by a private developer. As I open the door to the patrol car, still whistling, I hear a whistle off in the bushes (the bushes on a 60-foot cliff). The absolute creepiest part of the hotel was one of the first buildings constructed though. They kept the nurses on wherever they could, with the result being we were occasionally really, really bored thanks to acting as clerks or doing random odd jobs. “I worked at a movie theater running the booths upstairs. If so, do let us know all about them in the comments below. Now it could have been a similar cat from the neighborhood, but it only happened once to each of us then was never seen again.”, 5. No idea where this person went. Then I got this feeling of dread and I got scared, so I ran away. Press J to jump to the feed. All posts have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity. By Chrissy Stockton Updated September 22, 2019. At first, he would go and check the noises out. Then it occurs to me. It’s a little boys face and it’s sheet white. One night, he heard someone moving around in the kitchen. I work in one of the major ERs in my city as an HCA, one of my many tasks is postmortem care on patients who die in our care. If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: In Honor of Friday the 13th: Real People Share Their Creepiest, Can't-Be-Explained Stories. When he gets close, music will play. After carrying her home, the owner discovered she was allergic to cats when her arm broke out with rashes. I’ll go first. The site is very spooky at night, even if you know it well, but we stayed in the main building, which was used for an office space. “I was firmly against the idea of paranormal activity prior to working in an old folks’ home. Nate. We would actually receive LESS noise complaints on nights where we were at-capacity. Rising. After a couple of weeks, they took down the strict construction isolation stuff for our unit, and we decided to check out some of our supposedly haunted rooms. Posted by 10 hours ago. Once I got a call where they didn’t hang up after I said ‘hello’ and I could hear someone was on the other end just listening but they didn’t say anything, just something really uneasy about it.”, 3. He’s cool.” —bloodykermit. I can hear it.”. The projectors are upstairs in a long corridor. “When I was about 14, I was staying up way too late on the computer. One night in particular, I was making a cup of coffee to take back upstairs, when the lights in the bathroom came on. This sub is NOT for directly posting scary stories The show had been cancelled in Ohio due to a power outage, so we decided to get on the road early as we had friends in Erie who were taking us in for the night. He was really tall, maybe over six feet? The light went off. We would start our shift at 6 p.m. and finish at around 4 a.m. But your post should go to /r/CreepyEncounters instead; LNM is set up to focus on creepy encounters that are out of the ordinary. I wind up on a giant covered porch attached to the house. The weird thing is that he had been dead for three years when my new job started.” —RaxusDoom. Not an actual dead body, thankfully. We described the person to each other and both definitely saw it and saw the same thing. Then one day she lost the use of her back legs. He was also against the idea of paranormal activity, but he now agrees that there are some things that cannot truly be explained. We weren’t looking for someone getting INTO the attic. If you hear a knock at your front door at 2:13am, do not answer. Whoever or whatever on the other end hung up the second I said hello. I’m looking around, but I don’t see anything super weird. We turn around and can’t find the person. I asked Callum why our teacher didn't call Callum potential murderer anymore? On another day our teacher starts doing the register and as usual he calls everyone by their potential and not their real names, but then he calls Callum by his real name. r/creepypasta: The Creepypasta Subreddit | For fans of the genre to post original works, discussions, and more. I’ve never had something like that happen before or since.”. So although it’s weird, we just figure someone must still be in the building and called it from a different floor. Lucas Pezeta. Door chime. I thought all of that was weird, but I’ve seen weirder on this job. Working overnights is already spooky without any paranormal activity. The fridge door was open, and the light was somehow on. He’d find trash cans turned upside down. A man’s voice tell me, ‘Thank you.’, The hand remained for a moment while I stood there frozen, then all the feelings stopped and the room felt empty. All posts must be /r/AskReddit reposts I look up, sure enough, directly above me is an attic. I asked my roommates the next day if anyone said that, and I just happened to hear it, but they said the alarm went off around 4 a.m. and they were all sleeping prior to it going off. Spiders and webs everywhere, nothing outside the house like a trash can or knickknacks. The last straw for him was the night he was sitting in the office watching TV and felt someone grab the chair from behind and flip him over backward. He was sort of on the fence as to where he believed in paranormal activities, so he just shrugged it off as coincidences. Both the passenger and driver said they saw a tall black figure lunge at the van from the shoulder of the left lane; my friend who was sitting next to me said the same thing. A tune of constant repetition, designed to infuriate you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I'll tell you the ultimate secret of magic.

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