I just use add menu for my chapter menus. We agree on the concept of chapter. Motim. Loaded in the program a "normal" mp4 full lenght movie, and a subtitle. You loose quality each time you re-encode (and it takes time). First make a small clip to "preview" the result. I have the main file divided into six (6) chapters, and what I have been trying to do is to have a menu setup where I can opt to select each of those chapters of the main file separately, OR play the main file in it's entirety. But this takes a lot of time. Kirby. This is what I do: Watch the video and note where my chapters should be. It is devided into 16 chapters, I saw the the lines while playing it in MPC-HC player. Click the 'Backgrounds' tab on the left side of the program window and select a DVD menu background image by double-clicking on an image in the 'Backgrounds' panel. Motim. You can also select your own background image for DVD menu: click the 'File browser' tab, open directory that contains your image file and select the image by double-click. Adding subtitle to the movie - with "Handbrake" I can make a small previw file to check results, which I think cannot do with dvd styler, or am I wrong ? The chapters are not equal, some are few minutes and some are about 20 minutes, and I do not want to cut the video into pieces. Enter the disc label (it will be displayed only on computer). Thanks again Add a menu title: right-click on Menu Editor, select 'Add', 'Text' and enter the title. DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authoring application that makes possible for video enthusiasts to create professional-looking DVDs. Every time I started to 'shoot', the camera printed on the picture for some seconds the date. Download, install and run this all-featured subtitles adding software on your PC/Mac. Now if you wanted to be able to have each individual chapter play as if they were TV episodes for instance, then taking you back to the menu in addition to having a "play all" option you could simply drag your one title into your project 5 more times, then setting the video properties for each instance accordingly to only include the start and end times for the particular chapter. You can skip the Notepad part and write them directly onto the line or do it visually as explained above. Click on the 'File Browser' tab on the left side of the program window. Certainly can't hurt to give it a try using the "just generate" option when burning the project, so that you can first play the video_ts folder from the hard drive before decided to burn it to blank media. On one single layer DVD (4.7 GB) can be stored up to 126 minutes of video in good quality (Video bitrate ≥ 4.5 MB/s). Came back home with 3 full cassettes, and because of some other things forgot about them. Do we know whether the VRD Team read this forum, or do I need to e-mail support to get this point clarified? This is because when a video is loaded via the File Browser, it will automatically create chapter time-stamps using the Default Chapter Length in the program options, and that's the list of chapter time-stamps that will be in the video's properties. Then change the default chapter length for other certain videos and then load in those videos. So I think that the mkv file with the chapters created all the troubles. Button3 (Chapter 3) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 3" My question is: How to divide the video into chapters, acording to dates or places. I'd like to do the following, but it fails. An icon for each clip will be displayed at the right of directory tree. Select capacity of your DVD: 4.7 GB (Single Layer DVD) or 8.5 GB (Double Layer DVD). VideoReDo Pro beta build 826a is now available (November 20, 2020). One other helpful tip I've discovered: The program option of the default chapter length should be set to however long you want the chapters for, before you load in a video from the File Browser. By louv68 in forum Latest Video News Replies: 0 Last Post: 27th Feb 2008, 15:01. Open DVDStyler you are presented with the project template screen, where you can choose from a number of templates to set up the DVD size and menu appearance.

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