Tax on total sales price due today. Mine just stopped detecting network on my sim cards all of a sudden. Home » Tutorials » HSDPA USB Universal Modem : How to Make It Connect To Internet. 4 Pieces Of Technology Which Can Be Recycled, How I Fixed LG G3 Android Phone Stuck In Bootloop (LG Life’s Good) Screen, How To Easily Root Infinix Hot Note X551 Using KingRoot. All you have to do is plug it into a computer, and that’s it. For a USB cellular modem, the NetStick is huge, measuring 7.3 x 1.6 x .63 inches (18.5 x 40.1 x 1.6 cm). Get great deals at Please Mr Sammy i have the HSDPA USB Universal Modem unfortunately it fail to detect any network signal, but i have installed it on my pc Win7. Members also get interactive guidance, alerts, classroom and more. Hello Ayo. The D-Link 5G NR Enhanced Gateway (what a name!) If Sprint had a widespread 5G network the Hub would be a great choice for homes and offices. i previously used it to browse with glo and later with airtel and it worked, but today, it stopped detecting any sim at all. Hello Sam, using the desktop interface, go to settings and set APN to etisalat. please how do i recharge card directly on the computer without removing the sim card please. Click on settings on the far left top corner of the modem and add new settings required on the settings page, click ok twice and click on connect. I haven’t tried, Rick. Good job, the information worked for my mtn on my universal modem but not on GLO pls give me the setting information that will allow me use glo”comonth” on this modem.VERY URGENT! It will always authenticate n disconnet or take off network. HEY I BOUGHT A HSDPA MODEM BUT WHENEVER I INSERT IT IN MY USB PORT IT IS NOT DETECTED PLEASE MAy you help me with this issue. Mr Sam, where you have the Signal(network bar), signs that you have inserted sim card etc. Shop the top 25 most popular Ranking Keywords at the best prices! , Pls Sam, I just bought HSPA+42Mbps Modem, I tried to set it by clicking on file then settings, I filled the boxes… Name: Airtel, Number: *99#, Username: internet, Password: internet, Apn: but still saying disconnected. Sprint MiFi 8000 Mobile Hotspot Hi help with my HSDPA modem,it cant connect with the internet,I use mtn,and I use Glo at my home but in my office its not working on mtn or glo,help me please. And its mtn. i just bought hsdpa modem each time i connect it to my lenovo laptop it only indicate d insertion and ready also no service and not found. Released Around: September, 2019Last Updated: September 28, 2019 By: Mobile Internet Resource Center Staff. please help. Pls i desperately need to unlock my etisalat modem, Pls i just got dis hsdpa modem and he no show hw to get bundle plan on it onlike mtnfastlink Modem pls is there anycode 4 dat or how am i to subscrib on it, My hsdpa modem has refused to connect with an airtel line but connects with mtn, pls i need help. Please I have a hsdp modem instead to show network is not showing BT it indicate sim. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Unless you need a cellular modem for some reason, and that’d better be some big reason, I’d recommend the MiFi 8000 hotspot instead. Be careful though while re-installing to check the language option before clicking “next”. TVSeries4Mobile : Website For Latest TV Shows Online? Good morning Sam. Heromanuel, please confirm that APN is Market Your Business with Corporate Video Production, 5 Business Benefits of Offering Multiple Payment Methods To Your Clients. Only support one 5G band. Etisalat nd airtel sim are both showin connect failed wen I click d connect button…pls how do I fix this. whenever i connect, the data starts loading fast even when i havent opened a browser not to talk of loading a page. Don’t know what to do again. Just by plug and play, you could surf on the internet in seconds. The two language options are usually English and Indonesia. please i need your help. i have been using it for some time before now. so i uninstalled the setup while the modem is connected to my system. If i click connect it will begin with authenticating and then disconnected. And can you please validate that the airtel network strength in your location is good? pls what could be the problem ? Cellular modems can generally get better performance via firmware updates. Considering the popularity of mobile hotspots, I’m not sure what the purpose of the NetStick USB Modem is. am matthew, whenever am browsing with my hsdpa modern it automatically disconnects why? HELLO I have a HSDPA modem and i use airtel on it. i just bought my HSDPA modem, while i was installing, my laptop went off, when i put it on back, it says failed to install, uninstall and install again. My hsdpa modem with airtel sim is disconnecting automatically when browsing.How do I stop this? Am having problem while tring to use my HSDPA universal moderm with airtel sim card. Mr Sam. Take a detailed view of the following table, you will get to know the difference among the MiFi 8000, HTC 5G hub, and NetStick modem quickly. So to appreciate the NetStick USB Modem’s ease-of-use, you’ll have a look past its lackluster performance and bulky design. Thanks. Happy Sunday. Hello Annabel, simply uninstall the app, and re-install it. Pls, what does this mean and how can I tackle this issue. Pls help me out sir. To compare apples to apples, I used the cellular modem alongside the MiFi 8000, which is another 4G LTE mobile internet solution from Sprint, and the NetStick was always much slower. But even then, you’ll probably conclude that this modem got to the market at least a few years too late. I just bought a new HSDPA universal modem using airtel SIM for it. My modem has’nt being working since i bought it. I am having similar challengeS with airtel, Pls I follow d above procedure bt does not work for me. We research the options and analyze industry news... so you can focus on what drives you. little water can cause them not to detect network and the way we keep letting it fall off from a height can damage it because its not strong. Owners of all marks retain their rights. Compared with mobile networks in the 4G era, 5G has several times the advantages of high bandwidth and low latency. Please help, Everybody have been saying its nt working, I have similar issue with mine here too, I have fulfil all righteousness (active data plane, goodsim etc) to me I feel that hsdpa modem is fake, thank you. And in that case, the bulky size makes the modem impractical. I need your help, keysley please check your network apn settings. As a 4G device, this modem is bigger than most of the USB modems on the market. Plug and play, no software or driver needed. my problem is quite difftererent..jst got a hsdpa modem nd trying to connect to my laptop but after putting the apn, nd everything, it says’ same name’ when i click ok….whats rong? Hello Mr Sam, My HSPDA Modem only displays 1 or at most 2 bars of unsteady network for all SIM used. Limited 4G LTE availability. Thereafter, you should be able to connect. I have an ASUS RT-ACRH13 and have had no luck whatsoever getting it to view the Netstick as a 4G LTE pathway to the Internet. If You  ready  have a  network modem and wish to unlock it to use any network sim, please send your modem IMEI  number to 090——– along with N500 recharge airtime so  that i help you u unlock it and send you the unlock code. Mobile internet can be a challenging topic - that's why we created this resource center. whenever i connect it to my system,the network will go off and it will not connect. Requires eligible wireless service; if cancel service installment agreement balance is due. Huawei 5G. pls help. When plugged, it will not appear automatically, but when try to lunch from the icon on desktop, the system sound indicate it’s off and I will see “No Device”. It’s also relatively heavy at 1.76 ounces (50 grams).

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